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    • CommentAuthorkalayman
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2011 edited

     Before Leaving the Lom Lab…

    Clean out slide boxes, dishes, and vials from fix fridge (ask if you’re not sure where wastes should go)

    Empty out any bottles of solutions that are old and/or won’t be used again (ask if you’re not sure)

    Clean out your cubby

    Make sure data files on the confocal computer are all in a single folder under your name on the D drive 

    Backup all data files from confocal computer to your Lom Lab public folder

    Update your protocols on the Lom Lab protocol website

    Add comments and/or helpful hints to other protocols 

    Turn in hard copies of data, lab notebooks, etc. to Dr. Lom

    Organize all soft copies of data and final documents (thesis, presentation slides, posters, etc.) into your Lom Lab public folder: Public --> Biology --> Lom --> STUDENT RESEARCH RESULTS --> Your Last Name



    • CommentAuthorvibeamer
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2011
    Make sure all parts of the microscope have been turned off, and not just the intensity of the light decreased. Also, turn off the cameras and cover the microscopes.

    Be extra careful to turn of the microscope BEFORE you cover it. Over the last year, I noticed a microscope or two on WITH COVERS when no one was in th lab. That is a fire hazard. Easy fix. Simply turn your microscope offBEFORE covering.


    If you used any cameras, make sure you do not leave them on. They are easy to forget and are quite expensive, so make sure they are off before you leave the lab.

    • CommentAuthorbrross
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2013
    As a lab during our lab notebook meeting we decided that we could be doing a much better job with our lab notebooks and have instituted new guidelines. Lab Notebooks should now have a table of contents and a paragraph summary of the lab notebooks' contents and research goals on the inside cover. The notebook should also reference where to find the associated data. This will aid someone using the lab notebooks in discerning what they are looking at and help them navigate through the notebook quickly.