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    • CommentAuthorbrross
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2011 edited
    Fix Zebra Fish

    1. Remove about half of the “fish juice” liquid from the petri dish containing fish.
    2. Add Tricaine solution to the petri dish so that it is approximately a 50:50 solution of Tricaine and “fish juice”.
    3. Wait for fish to slow their swimming.
    4. Using a disposable plastic 1ml pipette suction fish into a glass vial.
    5. Under the fume hood, suction as much of the 50:50 liquid from the vial into the waste container as possible. This is most easily done using the mechanical pipettes and plastic tips. Avoid suctioning fish into the waste container.
    6. Add BT Fix to the glass vial so that it is ¾ full.
    7. Suction the liquid from the bottom of the vial into the waste container.
    8. Add BT Fix to the glass vial so that it is ¾ full.
    9. Wait three hours with fish in BT Fix vial.
    • CommentAuthorjakhan66
    • CommentTimeMay 6th 2013
    Not necessary to add fix again (step 8) if you are sure that you were able to take out all the liquid in the vial before adding the fix the first time.