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    • CommentAuthorvibeamer
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2011 edited


    1. Remove half of the water from the fish tank.

    2. Prepare anesthesia using room temperature 10x adult anesthesia [Tricaine].

         a. Use 2 parts tank water to 1 part anesthesia.

    3. Set stereoscope for fluorescence and change the filter to emit blue light.

    4. Label two containers GFP and wild-type for sorting.


    5. Fill Petri dish with diluted anesthesia.

    6. Obtain zebrafish with net and place in Petri dish.

    7. Wait for fish to sleep.

    8. Place the zebrafish under the scope one at a time paying close attention to the head area to determine whether the fish contains GFP or is a wild-type version.

    9. Place fish in corresponding container.

    GFP Zebrafish Eye

    Wild-type Zebrafish Eye