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    • CommentAuthorbrross
    • CommentTimeOct 25th 2011
    To take a multichannel image in Elements:
    1. click acquire --> capture multi channel image --> manually
    2. There should now be an open window with tabs along the bottom for each of the image channels
    3. Bright-field should be included in those tabs
    4. If Bright-field is not included, you will need to add a channel.
    a. click acquire --> capture multichannel image --> multichannel setup
    b. click on an unchecked black box to add a channel, assign the channel the appropriate settings
    c. for Bright-field set the comp. color to Bright-field
    d. when you close re-open the multichannel image you should have a bright-field tab
    5. Click the tab along the bottom that corresponds with the image you want to take
    6. set-up the image using the microscope or i-control
    7. click capture when you are ready to take the picture
    8. Take all of the images you need to compile and then click the four box icon in the left hand corner. The icon is a shaded box with three colored boxes popping off if it.
    9. You should then see an array of your images, including the composite.
    10. you can save the entire array, or individual images. To save the array click save as. To save individual images, click on an image so that it becomes surrounded by a red box, then click save as.