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    • CommentAuthorjeroth
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2011

    This protocol explains how to: take pictures with the stereomicroscopes.
    Protocol revised: 11/27/2011
    Protocol written by: Jeffrey Roth

    This is a revision of Puneet Lakhmani's protocol (

    1. Remove the cover from the microscope.

    2. Position the external light source so that it can illuminate the stage (placing it behind the scope often works best).


    3. Place your specimen on the stage and turn on the light by twisting the dial clockwise.

        - The microscope also comes equipped with a lamp for transmitted light; switch is on the right side of the base in the back.  The knob next to it                            adjusts intensity.


    4. For optimal viewing, find the port selector on the upper left part of the microscope and make sure it is on “bino” (unlike in the photo).


    5. To adjust the image, use the focus and zoom wheels on the left (large knob for coarse focus, small knob for fine focus).


    6. When your subject is properly illuminated and centered, turn on the camera.  Wait for the light to turn green.


    7. Open NIS-Elements (there should be a shortcut on the left side of the desktop).                                       

    8. Switch the port selector from “bino” to “photo” to send light to the camera.

    9. In the camera box (right side of the screen), click “Live”.


    10. At this point, you may need to readjust the focus/position of your specimen (what you see through the eyepieces is not necessarily what the camera sees).  Watch the image on the screen as you make your adjustments.

    11. If the image is too dark or too washed out, try adjusting the exposure or the gain (under “DS-5M Settings” on the right). A longer exposure or a higher gain will result in a brighter image.


                   exposure of 1/15 s                                exposure of 1/4 s                                      gain = 3.40                                        gain = 8.00

    12. When you are ready to take the picture, go to the Camera box and click “Capture”.

    13. File-->Save As to save your image.

    14. When you are finished, make sure to turn off the camera and light source.  Re-cover the microscope.