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    • CommentAuthoraldeal
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2012

    This protocol explains how to: Mix hCG
    Protocol revised: 6/12/2012
    Protocol written by: Alex Deal

    What you will need:
    One vial Chorionic gonadortopin, human (10,000 IU/vial, contains 100 mg mannitol/vial)
    At least 10 mL ddH2O (autoclaved optional)
    One syringe filter
    One 10 mL (or larger) syringe
    Two needles (any gauge)


    1. Remove metal covering from vial carefully.  If possible, remove only the top circle of the metal covering, leaving the rim of the covering around the rim of the vial.  This will help prevent the vial stopper from popping up.
    2. Attach filter to the end of the syringe and then attach a needle to the filter.
    3. Remove plunger from syringe.
    4. Fill syringe with at least 10 mL ddH2O and reinsert plunger.
    5. Adjust the level of ddH2O in the syringe to 10 mL.
    6. Insert syringe into vial top and insert the second needle into the top as well.  BE CAREFUL handling the unattached needle.
    7. Begin depressing the syringe plunger, filling the vial with 10 mL ddH2O.
    8. After 10 mL ddH2O has been injected into the vial, remove the unattached needle and syringe, disposing of them properly.
    9. A brief amount of agitation (by hand) may be needed to dissolve all of the chemical into the ddH2O.
    10. Store hCG vial in 4°C refrigerator (currently located in perfusion room).