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    • CommentAuthorjuruble
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2007 edited

    AChE stain solution
    (makes ~98 ml)

    AChE Solution 1 (will be blue)
    40 ml 0.1 M acetate buffer
    28 mL ddH2O
    3.2 mL glycine/copper solution
    2 ml 8.8 mM promethazine

    AChE Solution 2 (will be brown/yellow)
    18 ml ddH2O
    372 mg acetylthiocoline iodide
    6 ml 0.1 M copper sulfate

    Both solutions must be made fresh each time. Filter solution 2 with filter paper and then mix with solution 1. Cover tissue/slides in the combined solution and place on rocker/belly dancer for 24-72 hours, then rinse tissue/slides in ddH2O for five minutes. Repeat rinse three times.