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    • CommentAuthorjuruble
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2007 edited

    This protocol explains how to: start and shut down the confocal microscope.

    Protocol revised: 5/31/2007

    Protocol written by: Julie Ruble


    1. Fill in the log with your info.

    2. Open the main valve of the nitrogen tank fully (this floats the table to produce sharper images).

    3. Decide what type of microscopy you want to use.

    • If you only plan on using the brightfield, don’t turn on the confocal lasers or fluorescence power. These devices have parts that degrade with use.
    • If you only plan on using fluorescence, turn on the “Fluorescence Power” but not the confocal lasers.
    • If you plan on using fluorescence and confocal lasers, turn on the “Confocal Laser Power” power strip and then the “Fluorescence Power.” Under the microscope table, turn on the “Fan” and then turn the key to the ON position (I) for all of the lasers.

    4. Turn on the “Microscope Power” for the Nikon confocal microscope.

    5. Turn on the “Controller” unit.

    6. Turn on the PC (if you are using it). This also turns on the “AOM Controller.”

    7. Remove microscope cover and place it on the shelf. Open iControl (and EZ-C1 if you are using the confocal lasers) and begin analysis.


    1. Shut down the PC, but leave the monitor on.

    2. Shut down the “Controller.”

    3. Shut down the “Microscope Power” and “Fluorescence Power.”

    4. Turn off all of the lasers, but leave the fan on to dissipate heat.

    5. Clean any oil off of the oil immersion lens with ethanol and lens paper. Cover the microscope (it’s not hot). Close the main valve of the nitrogen tank fully. Clean up workbench.

    6. Fill in the log sheet!!

    7. Turn off “Fan.”

    8. Turn off the lights and close the door.

    • CommentAuthorkaswart
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2010
    One change to the procedure since moving the confocal from Dana to Watson:

    When using the lasers, you don't need to turn on/off the "Confocal Laser Power" strip, as the strip now has a surge protector and is usually left on. Just always be sure to turn on the fan BEFORE you turn on the lasers and turn off the fan AFTER you turn off the lasers when shutting down the setup; in other words, the fan should always be running when the lasers are on.

    Also, when shutting down the system, you will know it's safe to turn off the lasers when the fan switches from a faster (louder) speed to a slower (softer) one. Pay attention to the noise the fan first makes when you shut off the lasers, and wait until the fan clicks to the lower gear before turning it off. This step is important because it ensures that the lasers have cooled down a safe temperature before you turn off their cooling source (the fan).