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    • CommentAuthorjuruble
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2008 edited

    This protocol explains how to: stage Xenopus embryos and predict when they will arrive at a particular stage.

    Protocol revised: 2/27/2008

    Protocol written by: Will Graham, Julie Ruble, Fall 2008 Group Investigation students


    Often you will need to determine the stage of tadpoles or determine when they will arrive at the stage needed for your experiment. To determine the stage of tadpoles, place petri dish of tadpoles under the double-headed microscope and compare morphology to this staging information collected and compiled by Will Graham '02.


    To predict when tadpoles will arrive at a certain stage, use the following graphs.  The first graph is based on data collected by Julie Ruble '06, while the second graph is based on data collected by the Fall 2008 Group Investigation students.  You can incubate tadpoles in the medium cold or supercold incubators to slow down their development.