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    • CommentAuthorbalom
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009 edited
    In a weekly email to Dr. Lom (and Dr. Round as appropriate) please answer the following questions.
    (Note that information is more important than grammar)

    Question 1 - How have you spent your time?
    (document your work and project status)

    Question 2 - What have you learned and accomplished?
    (what did you learn technically and/or conceptually? - this is a place to log your progress, document your reading, and show off your data)

    Question 3 - What don't you know - and how can you find out?
    (identify gaps in your technical skills and/or conceptual knowledge where would you go to fill in those gaps?)

    Question 4 - What are your frustrations?
    (frustration on any level and/or of any size are welcome)

    Question 5 - How can I help you?
    (let me know what I can do to facilitate your research process)